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You are now clear that work in the future will include virtual work in some way. You recognize the need for new facilitative leadership skills to lead your team well - whether virtually or face-to-face.


Once properly set-up for virtual work, productivity can be enhanced both at the individual and the organizational level. Many remote workers now see virtual work as a preferred option over commuting to a site.


You can aim for excellence in your virtual meetings, and make your new normal a culture of productive, focused and time-efficient meetings


Your team needs to address bigger, long-term issues through collaborative work sessions to solve problems, generate ideas and brainstorm innovative solutions, revise or develop strategy.


You want to stop re-inventing the wheel and use every good management practice at your disposal to systematize regular meetings so you and your team have more time to focus on top priorities of what needs to be done.


You are ready to apply the best practices for team meetings on a consistent basis and instil a culture of healthy virtual meetings. Successful leaders need to know how to lead teams to succeed no matter where the team members are located (all remote, all co-located or a hybrid). 


You’ve seen and heard of the tremendous productivity and potential of businesses and organizations that have cracked the code of how to work together in a virtual environment. You believe your team too can learn to do more virtually than you did in-person.


You realize that this moment is an opportunity to take a quantum leap in your leadership, and you are ready to further develop your facilitation skill set so you can support your virtual group to reach for their high performance potential. 

"The … facilitation course you delivered exceeded our expectations; the instructors were outstanding. Their professional and engaging approach and their wealth of knowledge helped make the course a tremendous learning experience.” Leslie Keen, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Science, University of Calgary

Facilitate for Greater Engagement and Higher Performance

With your enhanced facilitation skills (techniques, practices, methods and tools), you will be able to lead your virtual work groups through meetings and online working sessions with greater engagement and higher performance. In fact, you’ll be able to do more through virtual meetings and sessions than you achieved in person. We will show you:

What to do, How to do it, When and Why

Our program will help you feel empowered by enabling you to:

  • Ensure you have the right technology to support both your recurring meetings and online collaborative work sessions.
  • Prepare a solid plan for what to do before, at the start, during, and at the end of your virtual meetings for effective outcomes.
  • Engage your participants for maximum interactivity, full participation and collaboration.
  • Troubleshoot common problems.
  • Strategically harness the power of any time/any place (asynchronous) and live (synchronous) technology in your design of facilitated sessions to enable the divergent and convergent thinking required for innovative and aligned outcomes.
  • Leverage the power of collaborative process through the 5-Step Workshop Method.
  • Choose the right facilitation tools and techniques, and know when to adopt them for best outcomes as you move through the natural arc of any collaborative process.

Who Is This Course For?

Ideal for team leaders and group facilitators looking to enhance their repertoire of online facilitation skills, practical methods and frameworks to enhance the quality and results of your online collaboration, including roles such as project manager, internal consultant, business analyst, professional and technical expert, change and quality improvement agent, organization development and other human resource leaders.

What do you want to be able to do?

I want to lead recurring virtual meetings better.

In the first 5 modules, Mastering eMeetings 101 (Option A), you'll enhance your ability to lead your recurring virtual meetings with greater time-efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, energy and overall excellence. You can expect to invest between 1 to 2 hours per module to view videos, read downloadable materials, and complete exercises on your own time.

Note: Access for this and all other options is available for 1 full year from your sign-up date.

I want to have the frameworks, strategies and techniques to facilitate online collaborative sessions.

In the next 5 modules, Facilitating Online Collaboration (Option B) you acquire facilitation practices, methods and techniques to facilitate online collaboration. Again, you can proceed through the course at your own page, and have 1 full year to complete it.

Delivered over 10 weeks via Masterful Facilitation’s Online School, the course will empower remote team leaders like you with a practical facilitation foundation.  You will learn how to facilitate positive and effective virtual group meetings as well as acquire the facilitation mindset and skillsets to tackle more complex work sessions.

You can expect to invest between 1 to 2 hours per module to view videos, read downloadable materials, and complete exercises. Between modules, if you choose to participate, you can explore topics and share experiences with your class cohort in the online forum on the Masterful Facilitation Online school site. Your Masterful Facilitation instructor may offer additional content as relevant to the issues posted, though the primary intention is rich co-learning and exchange.

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Course Modules: You Receive

Each module is loaded into your dashboard at the pace of 1 per week. You can proceed through and complete each new module at your own convenience. Access is for 1 full year.

You receive:

  • Video presentations of the practical “what” and “how” of the specific lesson.
  • Downloadable written material so you can build your own reference handbook to refer back to time and again.
  • Detailed descriptions and demos of the specific tools and techniques.
  • Checklists, frameworks, roadmaps, and step by step instructions.
  • You have the opportunity to interact through an online forum with other students enrolled on the Masterful Facilitation Online School, as you choose.

Course Outline and Objectives

Mastering eMeetings 101

The goal of these first 5 modules is to nip any timewasters in the bud so you can help your team succeed virtually with minimum wasted time, frustration, disengagement, overwhelm and uncertainty.

At the end of the five modules, you will be able to follow the Great Virtual Meeting Formula to ensure you have the right technology tools to communicate and collaborate; a solid structure for recurring virtual meetings; and the best facilitation techniques for focused and interactive process. And you also be able to:

  • Systematically structure your recurring meetings for optimal functioning, with standard formats and templates.
  • Plan and run all your live virtual meetings using the Great eMeeting Framework – what to do Before, at the Start, During, at the End and Throughout.
  • Attend to nurturing team connection and building your team in every live virtual meeting, through the best warm-ups that build your team over time.
  • Use best facilitation techniques to engage all participants, regardless of their learning and processing styles, so that even the quietest members can contribute.
  • Apply facilitation strategies to manage interactive group process during live meetings, to avoid potential pitfalls and keep your meetings on track and on time.

Facilitating Online Collaboration

The next 5 modules are designed to enhance your current facilitation IQ and EQ in addition to leading better recurring meetings.

You'll continue in all your virtual meetings to strive for efficient, engaging, energizing and generally excellent results that free you up! Additionally, at the end of the 10 modules you will be able to:

  • Discern when to apply your management skills to control and direct remote work, and when to exert your facilitative leadership skills to enable excellence in others. You’ll recognize how facilitation skills are a mission critical competency of virtual group leadership.
  • Attend to both the process and the content of how a collaborative session must unfold for full engagement, creativity and results.
  • Facilitate group conversations with greater with ease, applying what good facilitators ALWAYS do to lead to any desired meeting outcome.
  • Skilfully ask good questions to stimulate thinking, spur further dialogue, gain involvement, solicit reactions, involve quieter participants, probe more deeply, test assumptions and seek consensus.
  • Support your remote group to do its best thinking, encourage full participation, promote mutual understanding, foster inclusive solutions and cultivate alignment and ownership for results.
  • Leverage the potential of asynchronous pre- and post-work to facilitate the divergent and convergent arc that any collaborative conversation must go through, so you can design your eSessions accordingly,
  • Recognize how the participant mindset evolves through most collaborative work, and see it applied through a high-level overview in a generic 5-Step Workshop Method.

At the end of all 10 modules, you will be able to view collaborative work sessions from the mindset of a Professional Facilitator.  You’ll be more aware of the guiding principles and frameworks that guide how best to design a working session, and know the best practices for leading any conversation for maximum engagement and interaction. 

These practices go much beyond what you learned in the first 5 modulesYou’ll know how to ensure maximum collective learning and engagement from virtual participants - essential conditions for collaboration and alignment. 

Group Registrations

Organizational clients may arrange for customized delivery schedules starting January 2021 for in-house groups to go through this training together. Group savings rates apply to any Option. Additionally, groups who register at the same time from an organization or association can benefit from savings as follows:

Group Savings Rates

  • 3-5 people – 30% savings
  • 6-11 people – 40% savings
  • 12 + people – 50% savings

Note: Group savings not valid with any other offer. Click here to discuss.

"I cannot speak highly enough of the Masterful Facilitation Institute! The Institute is, in my view, … a leader in facilitation training! The instructors are very skilled and exceeded my expectations in delivering training to our organization. The course content was practical and inspired application of the skills… I would absolutely recommend the Masterful Facilitation Institute to everyone wanting to develop practical & effective facilitation skills." -- Kim Hannah, Public Involvement Consultant, Health Canada.

Our Guarantee

We are in the business of creating courses that create results.

If, for any reason, you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact this course will have on your ability to lead great virtual meetings after you’ve completed the first 3 modules, send us an email. We will refund 100% of your payment within 30 days, no questions asked

"I would 100% recommend this facilitation program [Masterful Facilitation Institute foundational course “The Confident Facilitator”]. If you want to learn or hone a process for facilitation from the experts, this is it!" -- L.C., Participant, The Confident Facilitator

Benefit from Masterful Facilitation Online School Courses

Every day, new technology tools and features are being introduced to support this new virtual workplace reality. But installing technology is only one part of the solution. Another vital part is knowing how to use it to effectively lead your virtual group to achieve success.   

That’s where we come in. Our mission at Masterful Facilitation Institute since 2008 has been to support meeting leaders like you to build their confidence and skills as effective facilitators so they can design and facilitate great meetings, collaborative group sessions and workshops – every time, for any purpose, whether face-to-face or virtually

We’ve transformed our face-to-face foundational courses for the virtual environment to help you develop two critical competencies:

  • improve the efficiency and results of your recurring meetings, and 
  • increase your ability and confidence to facilitate online collaborative work sessions.

You will acquire the strategies, tools, support and guidance to facilitate your virtual meetings with confidence.  Your work sessions will be more engaging, energizing and effective. Conversations and activities will result in higher performance for your team. And best of all, the virtual facilitation skills you acquire are transferable and applicable to face-to-face meetings.

Although virtual interaction is different from meeting in-person as it requires additional attention to the online environment, the good news is that many of the best practices for facilitating effective meetings and group work still apply.  You don’t have to be a professional facilitator to help your team collaborate and succeed online, but you will benefit greatly from learning and adopting their tools and practices.

Supercharge Your Facilitation Skills!

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  • Then you'll be able to proceed through each of the 10 modules at the rate of 1 per week. Access is for one full year after your registration.
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My zone of genius as a professional facilitator has been to help my clients achieve their desired results through meaningful, respectful conversations and engagement in focused, productive, creative and inclusive meetings, sessions and other group gatherings.

For more than a decade, through the Masterful Facilitation Institute I founded, our team of experienced professional facilitators and educators has empowered meeting leaders from all organization sectors: business, government, education and community – to develop their confidence and skill to facilitate great meetings and session – every time and for any purpose, both in person and virtually.

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